A better way to community

The gathering place for real communities.

No buzzing, dings or inbox. Just vibes and genuine connection.

Listen, participate, and grow. Chime In is available 24 hours a day to meet and congregate using your DeSo identity.

Drop-in conversations

Drop in on trending conversations in real-time—either by topic or join others already in a room.

Audio-only experience

Maintain your pseudonymity and keep it light-weight. All you need to bring is your voice.

Login with web3 wallet

Join with your DeSo username and photo.

Choose NFT as your identity

See what topics are trending and who else is "in town."

Click a room to join

Jump rooms by clicking a building or following others in the list.

Topics updated regularly based on what's trending

The best way to see and hear what's going on on BitClout. Chime In provides audio spaces for BitClout users around the world, available 24/7.  Learn and discuss what matters most on-platform with crowd-sourced topics.

Access for Coin Holders

Get access to Chime In for a minimum investment and special access within the virtual city just for investors.

User Price
@ChimeIn coin

Get access to the virtual city, meet and hang out with other Clouters.

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Limited Time Only
Access to Investor Lounge
@ChimeIn coin

Get access to an investor only room to share and discuss upcoming investment ideas.

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Buy and support the @ChimeIn project.